Ella had surgery on 2/28/12 at Adobe Animal Hospital.  Dr. Dave Roos & his wonderful team removed her mammary tumor, which was very large, and 25 badly infected and decaying teeth (thank you Jennifer Diwa).  She came through it all with German Shepherd stoicism.  Everything is healing beautifully and she is feeling better than she has in a long time, I’m sure.  She was ready to get back to the land of the living days ago, but we kept her quiet a little longer.

Yesterday, she was back on the trails with us enjoying the sunshine.  She has happily usurped all of Shasta’s dog beds and is thoroughly enjoying all the special attention everyone is giving her (I fear I may be creating a spoiled child …).  Her back end is quite weak, but her mind doesn’t know this and she tries to do things a younger dog would do (run, move quickly on hardwood floors, jump in & out of the back of the SUV) and in the process falls over.  It’s hard to watch, but she acts like it’s nothing.  Getting her to lie down and rest while I do work is almost impossible.

I’m so glad she was able to have the surgery.  Her quality of life has improved dramatically, now that she is out of constant pain.  I’m beginning to think she will be with us for quite a while.

Erica and Loren