Stella lived in a field for 4 months before a family persuaded her to come into their yard. Her gentle, sweet nature probably made them think of keeping her. Stella had obvious growths and the vet told the family the test results showed Stella had malignant cancerous tumors that had already spread to her lungs.

Furry Friends contacted GSRNC and Stella passed our evaluation with flying colors. Stella is a devoted, gentle, happy, sweet, affectionate dog that just happens to have cancer.

Stella now lives with her 7 year old sister Ashley and 7 month old brother Wolfgang. Stella is already giving back. Stella did a home visit for a GSRNC volunteer who is recovering from a health issue. Stella accompanies her mom to her chiropractic visits and just a few inevitable questions from patients in the waiting room starts the dialogue about how GSRNC provides hospice to these otherwise perfect dogs Dogs, who through no fault of their own have a health issue that would otherwise make them the most vulnerable in a shelter environment.

Stella doesn’t know she is sick. Stella spends every day playing with her dogs and human parents. Stella Bella will spend the rest of her life hearing that we love her very much, getting hugs and kisses throughout the day and giving unconditional love and companionship to her canine and human family.

Stella reminds all who know her to live in the moment and that every single small gesture of humanity makes a difference.

Thank you for the gift of Stella