Hi All,

Here is an update on Rambler, from his new fosterers.  Sounds like he has found the right home.


“Here are some pics I took of Rambler this week.  He’s a very sweet boy, so quiet (I think he’s a little deaf or he’s just got the man-selective-hearing thing 🙂  Betty & Beo are being very polite to him (so far) although we haven’t let them play together yet, they’re a bit strong for him.

He’s settling nicely into his new home, getting feistier every day.  He’s a bit of a thief, likes to steal dryer sheets and my clothes from the laundry pile 🙂
He tries to ‘run’ around the yard when he gets the chance but usually slides out.  He’s wobbly but gives it all he’s got 🙂

Amy & Mike”