Hi Bob,
Overdue in giving you an update on the lovely lady.  She weighed in at 67.8 pounds last  Sunday (after her bath).  + 5 pounds in 3 weeks!  The staff at the Raw Connection in Carmel adore her and take pride that their food is helping her gain weight.  She almost looks normal.  Her coat continues to improve, though her tail is still a bit scraggly.  She is a big girl and will easily support a solid 75 pounds.

She loves to play fetch.  In addition to her 3 meals/day, she adores her venison bones and duck feet (also from the Raw Connection)

She has much more energy and the “lights” seem to have gone on in her brain.  Despite being deaf and partially blind, she is much more interested in the world around her, vocalizing, initiating play with the others.

She has perfect manners, has been 100% perfect in the house, not a single accident.

Poor girl, she was someone’s pet in the past.

This photo is a month old.  Will get some new ones this weekend.  She’s got some meat on her bones now!!