Hi Bob,

We met Daniella (now Ella) on a Thursday night, just after Bob J. had taken her in for her first vet visit.  He had just pulled Ella from the Monterey shelter and she was in need of a foster home.  Due to a huge mammary tumor and bad arthritis, the vet gave her one month to live.  We were only thinking about fostering for the Thulani program at this point, but when we saw Ella, we said, “we’ll take her”.  She moved in with us the next night.  And what a night it was.  She was miserable; whining, panting, pacing, unable to settle down and get comfortable.  She constantly licked her mammary tumor and it was almost painful to watch her walk.  By the next morning we thought it was the end for her.  She slept the next day from 6am until 1pm, when Bob came back to assess her.  She was a new dog when she woke up.  She picked up a tennis ball and wanted to play.  Her spirit was amazing!   As it turned out, she was just unsettled from all the changes she had gone through the previous 48 hours.

Ella has now settled in to her new surroundings.  The antibiotics and arthritis pills are helping her enjoy life more; in fact she doesn’t know she is sick.  She’s gone through 3 squeaky tennis balls and numerous toys.  She’s loves her car rides around town and lounging on the back deck watching the wildlife roam.  But, her favorite thing to do is hike the hills of Portola Valley with her white GSD brother and her mom & dad.

We don’t know when she will cross the Rainbow Bridge, but we will make sure the path leading up to it is paved with love.

Erica and Loren