Thank you for sending the paperwork so quickly.  I decided to call him “King George I” now since he will be treated royally by you folks.  I’ve attached his shelter intake photo.  I guess they wheeled him into the shelter and the brilliant shelter people were too lazy to take him off the cart before they took his picture.  That’s what originally caught my eye.  I called my shelter friend and said “what’s with the German Shepherd on the cart?”

He didn’t have much hope.  I didn’t have much hope but I promised him I would try.  But, Bob – you came through and gave us both hope to carry on – that there is a way to help these old guys.

Every day I would think about his old bones at the shelter on the cold, hard cement.  I can rest easy knowing that from here on out, he will be warm, happy & loved.  I saw his eyes light up when he looked at Bob and gave him his paw.

Give him a big hug for me.  I’ll miss the big guy.