“Honey Bear was dropped off at Oakland Animal Services. She was quite old and not in very good shape. Her eyes were sunken and dry and her fur was matted with dander. She also had a cyst with black discharge coming out of it. That is why I was so moved by the quiet strength and dignity that I saw in her eyes when I first met her.

When I kiss her face she gives me a gentle lick in return as if to say thank you. When I talk to her, if she is standing up, she often gives me a half wag of her tail. She is extremely smart and has adapted quickly to life on my small ranch. She mingles respectfully with the other dogs, cats, chickens, goats, and the rest of the ranch ‘hands’.
She is a picky eater but not in the way most people would think. She will eat a hotdog over imported chicken sausage dog food any time. I have never seen a self respecting ranch dog that did not like horse poop, and she is no exception. Honey has discovered that lying on your back in the sunshine and rolling back and forth is about as good as it gets. Honey has come home, to a veritable doggie paradise, and will live out her life here.”