In her prime, Lady Love must have been a beauty. Well, actually, she still is! She is about 13 years old, has a great disposition, and she is very sweet. Lady Love ladylove100pxmelts with affection, absorbing every ounce she gets.

Lady Love is in the advanced stages of degenerative myelopathy, a progressive disease of the spinal cord that causes hind-limb weakness and, eventually, paralysis. But this aging beauty still gets around well enough to follow her new people around the house and yard.


Lady Love has met several younger dogs in her foster home and she is great with all of them. She allows other dogs to lick her muzzle and lie next to her; she also accompanies them around the yard.

We are not sure why Lady Love ended up in a shelter, but her foster mom was determined that she not spend her final days there. Instead, she will be coddled and doted upon, as any loving senior should be. This Lucky Lady has a warm, loving home in which to live out the rest of her life.