Offering a loving and dignified final passage

The Thulani Program of German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California, is a hospice and sanctuary program with a difference.
The Thulani Program is designed to provide hospice care to terminally ill German Shepherds during the final phases of their lives, with a focus on comfort and quality of life, rather than cure.
The goal of the Thulani program is to enable the dogs to be comfortable, free of pain, and loved so that they may live each day as fully as possible.

Who was Thulani?..3-months old, abused & abandoned, with incurable heart disease. He lived happily for only 8 more weeks, but his legacy lives on. The Plight of Dogs Like Thulani..Dogs with extremely limited life expectancy are the most vulnerable of the Rescue community. And there are all too many that need help.
Why Did They Do This To Me?..The reasons are varied but the result is the same–an abandoned dog at extremely high risk of dying alone and afraid in a shelter. Solving the Problem of Thulani Dogs..We passionately believe we can start, and here are some ways that you could join us in making an important difference that you will recognize.